temozon norte smart townhouse 2 recamaras 3 banos plusvalia servicios
Área m2: 183
2  |  3

$3,490,000 MXN

merida paseo de las fuentes 2 recamaras 2 banos completos
Área m2: 168
2  |  2

$2,500,000 MXN

merida zona norte townh0use de 2 recamaras y 3 banos en privada
Área m2: 85
2  |  3

$2,600,000 MXN



Best things to do in the García Ginerés neighborhood

Do you want to know about the activities you can do in the García Ginerés neighborhood? There's many activities that can be done to enjoy time. Let's get to know them!

Cómo comprar una casa en México

Saber cómo comprar una casa en México no es una tarea fácil, ya que esta información está repartida en múltiples procesos administrativos a los que los compradores se enfrentan en periodos que pueden ir de semanas a años. Conoce cómo lograrlo aquí.

Guide to real estate in Merida Mexico

A real estate agency in Merida Mexico can play a crucial role in assisting an American expat in buying a house. Throughout the entire process, the agency acts as a knowledgeable and trustworthy guide, helping the American expat navigate the intricacies of the Mexican real estate market. Learn more!

Downtown Merida, Mexico: All you need to know about the Centro Historico

Downtown Merida is known locally as The Centro Histórico (Historic Center) of Mérida, Mexico, and boasts a rich history that spans centuries and reflects the blending of indigenous, Spanish colonial, and contemporary influences. 

What is Hanal Pixan, the mayan day of the dead

Hanal Pixan is the day of the dead in the Mayan tradition. It is a time when the living and the dead are believed to come together, strengthening the bonds between generations and preserving the unique cultural identity of this vibrant city.

What is the cost of living in Merida, Mexico?

What is the cost of living in Merida, Mexico? Housing, groceries, transportation, and healthcare can be more affordable. If you're used to living in a high-cost city in the U.S., you might find Merida to be relatively inexpensive. 


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